Nurses eating their young : here’s what to look for

A fellow RN, new grad, and nurse blogger who goes by Nurse XY (which I still think is an awesome surname) posted some thoughts on the end of his new job’s ‘honeymoon’ period. He discusses his frustration with how the staff went from cuddly and warm to stone-cold frenemies.

The Honeymoon is Over

It was nice while it lasted, but the honeymoon is over. The true colors of my coworkers are starting to show through.
Now that I’m no longer new enough for everyone to still be playing nice, all the personalities are starting to emerge. And on a unit like mine, you better believe there’s some strong personalities.

I’m so very tired of hearing, "You have to be careful how you approach so and so about that."
Why can’t I openly and clearly communicate my patient’s needs to those responsible for assisting me in caring for them? I am so tired of having to slink up to various people from docs to support staff like a helpless, hapless junior high damsel in distress to get what my patient needs. Too many egos to stroke. I demand respectfully request you grow the #@$) up.
And it’s only been 3 1/2 months!!!

He goes on to discuss some ‘very familiar’ run-ins that are embarrassingly oh-too common in our profession. If you are interested in learning how the horrible myth about nurses eating their young you should check out his post in it’s entirety. It is shameful that we have fellow title-holders out there that do everything in their power to prove their worth (you noticed I did not call them professionals – since they are the farthest thing from it).

Hop on over to XY’s blog and show him your support.

nurseXY: The Honeymoon is Over


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