Some universal rules from the health care universe

While the original post was all about the ER from an awesome physician blogger, I’d like to think some of them apply to many, many, many parts of the patient care arena. Yes, we nurses feel your pain doc.

9)  The more demanding a patient is, the less likely it is that they need medical care.

11)  NEVER ever go to work sick. Not only will it be an incredibly busy day, but you will be sicker than most of the patients you see.

13)  The more difficult the stick, the more likely the lab is to lose your patient’s blood sample.

15)  No extra shift that you reluctantly volunteer to work will ever be an easy shift.

18)  The nicer the patient and family, the worse the outcome will be.
19)  I can not tell the difference between very rich patients and very poor patients – they both act the same. “When it comes to my health, money is no object!”

from: My Rules of the ER | WhiteCoat’s Call Room

Do yourself a favor and head on over to read the original post from WhiteCoat. You won’t be disappointed.


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