Storing Student ‘Stuff’?

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So the new semester has started and school is in full swing (heck it’s at warp speed already) – and classes just stared yesterday!!

No. I’m not stressing. No, not at all. (insert heavy sarcasm at your leisure)

I’m technically taking the same amount of credits as last semester, but due to the amount of credits per course I’m taking an additional course. So I’m on campus an extra day each week. That small fun-fact alone increases my stress level since I commute.

I’m not complaining really (or at least I’m trying), just trying to get all this stuff straight in my mind and create a plan of attack. Knowing me, it will be mid-semester before I accomplish that!

-insert sinister laugh when appropriate-

But, I digress.

As a nursing student, most of the ‘stuff’ I’ve acquired and created I’ve kept for reference. By stuff, I mean all my classwork, assignments, notes, etc. Over the years this ‘stuff’ has started to pile up. Just this past fall I started to whittle down the ‘stuff’. I decided since I’m past my Bachelors in Nursing, and now onto my Advanced Practice degree, I think it’s a safe bet to discard my notes from my basic nursing school education. It’s been over 5 years, and I might have referred to the stuff for that first year and then maybe when I started my journey for my Bachelors.

I just don’t need it.

So now I need to figure out how to efficiently store and utilize my current academic ‘stuff’??

Any suggestions?

Up until now I’ve (bundled) wrapped them up, labeled them and ‘stuffed’ my ‘stuff’ into a storage bin (plastic tote or something similar). I’ve tried my best to label them so that when I DO need to find it I won’t spend hours picking through the bay of hail.

Fellow students and academic pursuers… how do you ‘stuff’ your ‘stuff’ (yeah, sorry I think my play on words is funny).



Any George Carlin fans out there? Every time I talk/refer/read about ‘stuff’ I think of his ‘graphic’ stand-up comedy skit about ‘stuff’. If you can handle his language… it’s quite comical. I’ll let you Google that one.


2 thoughts on “Storing Student ‘Stuff’?

  1. When you figure out the answer, please let me know. I’m in the same boat!!

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