Ode To The Alcohol Prep Pad

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How much do I love thee??

Let me count the ways.

I love:

  • How small and portable you are.
  • How universally clean you can be.
  • How effective and efficient your are at your job.
  • How much I as a nurse depend on you.

I must admit, I did not like you at first. When I learned to ‘scrub the hub’ of my IV ports to the tune of ‘row-row-row your boat’, I was not your biggest fan. Of course I understood the message behind the incessant noise of a song being played in my head every time I administered meds or did anything with an IV, doesn’t mean I liked it. I know I had to properly clean and hopefully sterilize my patient’s IV site with the intention of minimizing, reducing and/or eliminating and potential pathogens that were hanging out waiting for an entrance.

How you changed my life as a nurse?:

The minute I discovered you could ‘wipe’ out most ink pen stains from my scrubs with little to no effort!

I’m not made of money ya know (I am a nurse!). Scrubs, while mostly quite economically affordable can dig a hole in your pocket book. Once you stain a pair of scrubs, and cannot remove the stain – well you know you have to go out and get a new pair. Ya sure can’t go around wearing that!

I no longer had to rush to the bathroom and make some sort of acrobatic feat at cleaning the stain off of my scrubs – no matter where it was! A simple swipe of the prep pad, and *poof*. It was like magic! (oooh ahhhh)

The minute I discovered you could ‘wipe’ away the ‘notes’ on hands, both palm and dorsal side!

My ‘virtual’ notebook is my best friend sometimes. Until this discovery cleaning my ‘virtual notebook’ was nearly impossible, short of scrubbing the first epidermal layer from my hands!

No more reddened and painful hand surface! Another simple swipe.. and *poof*. More magic.

I must admit I have an addiction to you. My pockets are always overflowing with your kind. I tend to feel ‘un-prepared’ when my pocket stock is getting low. Good grief, I can’t be in a patient’s room, performing my duties.. and not have a prep pad on me!

This would cause havoc to my day, to my time management, and cause mass destruction to the general ‘flow’ of my day.

I often wonder.

Am I the only nurse with such admiration for you?

(yeah.. OK. So I’m not much of a poet. Don’t I know it – heh heh)


11 thoughts on “Ode To The Alcohol Prep Pad

  1. Oh Alcohol Prep Pad, I have been cheating on you with a Chloroprep Pad! It’s not my fault, everywhere I went, there it was! So much more expensive, so much more…antiseptic! How will you ever forgive me! : (

  2. Nope, you’re not alone in your admiration for this indispensible item…one of those inventions where you don’t mind if someone became a gazillionaire for inventing it!

  3. Your “virtual notebook” reminded me of an ICU nurse I used to know who stuck a strip of white silk tape on the leg of scrubs every day. Her version of your hand, lol.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to the good old alcohol pad…just one thing to add….single use only..don’t reuse till it’s dry! Great post.

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