Adhesive Tape Allergy

This one always makes me chuckle, when patients have an allergy to ‘tape’. The ‘allergy’ is to the skin-ripping action, not the tape.
That whole ‘pull-quick-and-fast’ method to reduce pain and the hair-removal factor doesn’t work folks. It may work for removing a band-aid, but not adhesive tape.
By the way this comic is rather hilarious.


7 thoughts on “Adhesive Tape Allergy

  1. I also have a terrible allergy to adhesive tapes and get blisters under and around Tegaderm and other medical/surgical dressings. Imagine having a central line in your neck with the tegaderm causing your raw skin to break down from blisters to hamburger meat. Imagine having that tegaderm removed and replaced every three days for a month. Imagine how your skin would feel. Then imagine having a colostomy donut stuck to your belly where your stoma is. You can’t change its location. Leaving it off causes even worse skin breakdown as your body waste eats away at your skin. What would you do?
    Nurses making fun of patients’ suffering…that’s disgusting. You’re too ignorant to be a nurse and I wouldn’t let you near me with a ten foot pole.

    1. i was googling for information on adhesive allergies and the potential ingredients causing those allergies, because my partner has been having reactions to adhesives for a year, and it’s now affecting her ability to treat her illness (because she can’t use bandages or medicated patches, which are what she NEEDS) and found this hateful excuse for a “joke.”

      as the kids used to say, this joke was so funny i forgot to laugh.

      crap like this is why so many of us chronically ill or disabled folks have medical PTSD. the poster should be SO proud of their apathy and ignorance.

  2. Obviously You dont have an allergy to adhesives or you wouldn’t be laughing. I recently had surgery, during which they attached those sticky tabs from a heart monitor on me. I told them I was allergic, as I’ve been through this before. Within minutes of applying the tabs, my skin under the tabs began to burn. We aren’t talking about a tingle, or an irritation. We are talking about a BURN which produces a large red burned area of skin under and around the adhesive. This isn’t caused by removal of the adhesive. It happens when it is applied. It is terribly painful. As always, the nurse apologized shortly after applying the adhesive as she gasped watching what it did to my skin. I know you are thinking, whats the big deal. So, it will go away soon after removal. Well, think again. 30 minutes of an adhesive on my skin will cause a burn that likely will blister and may take over two months to heal. Sometimes it will leave a permanent scar. Clearly, you haven’t got a clue!

    1. 100 points for you Sheri! I too am allergic to any adhesive. It feels like something is crawling underneath the tape/paper tape etc. It blisters underneath the tape while it is still in place.
      Also those things they put on you for an MRI, with the gel they use. The gel area looks like ring worms when taken off.
      After an operation, you have again stuff stuck to you to monitor you when you are put out. They give me those ring worm looking areas.
      Undoubtedly this person has not done any research before posting.
      A horrible itch is no joke.

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