Is The EHR Safer?

This is interesting. The REALLY interesting part (at least for me) is that where I work will be going ‘electronic’ over the next couple months.
I’ve worked with the EHR, and I’ve done electronic charting – so my opinion is biased to say the least.
I feel that no matter ‘system’ you use, the system is only as good as the person using it. It could be the best or worst system ever created, but if we the users (nurses / doctors/ all HC professionals) don’t utilize it properly and efficiently than of course there will be nay-sayers.
In the end, I think it’s about ‘change’, and we allllll know how much we nurses love change. :)

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Nurses divided over patient record system

Just 49% of nurses believe that electronic patient records are safer than paper-based systems, a survey has revealed.

Just 49% of nurses believe that electronic patient records are safer than paper-based systems, a survey has revealed.

The results, published by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), highlight the importance of showing nurses how beneficial IT systems can be.

Of the 1,300 nurses questioned, 52% had not received any IT training in the past six months during work hours.

The study also revealed that 59% of those polled – all members of the RCN – think they need extra training.

But 66% of those surveyed thought that electronic patient records would save them time in their job.

These figures demonstrate that e-health could boost NHS efficiency, as government cuts call for savings to be made across UK health services.

Chief executive and general secretary of the RCN Dr Peter Carter said: “The fact that so many nurses are worried about the security of electronic patient records reflects the need for improved education, training and consultation for staff in this area.

“We know that poor consultation with staff can often result in ineffective IT systems, which fail to deliver the promised improvements, so it is vital that nurses’ voices are heard and their opinions taken on board.

“Electronic patient records will save nurses time, allowing them to work more efficiently and freeing them up to focus on frontline activities and providing the best possible patient care.”




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