Whoooo Are You???


Is it just me… or do you get a lil’ annoyed when you visit a website/ blog and there is no ‘About’ link/page?

Why go through the trouble of creating your page/blog and not have some sort of separate webpage/area that describes the website/ blog or better yet gives us some sense of who you/they are???

I’m not very efficient nor am I known for my website/personal brand marketing skillz…but the last time I checked this was a basic and needed quality.

Lastly, not having the ‘About’ or ‘Info’ really leads me to believe your website/blog is just a façade, a ruse, or even a spam-like botnet landing zone. And if it is – it becomes a DO NOT ENTER area for me. I not only will NOT return, but I’ll be sure to pass on my ‘spooked’ feeling to all that I know.

I’m all for new content, but please don’t monopolize.


4 thoughts on “Whoooo Are You???

  1. I completely agree, my page did not have the option so I made one. It is important to have an about me section, even if it reveals that you have chosen to be private.

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