So. I Guess I’m A Sin Against Nature Now?


Image source: buzzfeed

I had heard about this, but for some reason I’m just now getting around to commenting on it:

Glee’s Sue Sylvester believes a female football coach "is like a male nurse: A sin against nature."

‘Glee’ star has serious competition | TV | Entertainment | Toronto Sun


So , a sin against nature. Hee-hee, haw-haw. Yeah, I know all in jest, fun, comedy, satire, etc. I guess I just wonder what John and Jane Q. Public will do with this new information.

So now the next time a ‘glee fan’ is treated by a male nurse… hmm.. I wonder what they will think?

So, is it OK for this sin against nature to save your life when you need it? Should I or shouldn’t I catch when your lab values are out of whack? Is it OK if this sin against nature titrates the medications effectively that are giving your body a blood pressure?

Wait – Is it OK if this sin against nature understands, comprehends and follows the appropriate treatment protocols when there’s a machine breathing for you. So that I know when you need help, when you are doing well, when you are not doing well?

Is it also appropriate if this sin against nature…..

Wait. I’d better stop.

Sorry if I’m being a lil’ over-the-top here.

I just get so frustrated by the media’s contribution to our demise. When and where we will actually  get the accurate support is beyond me. Thus I know, it’s entertainment. But the world of entertainment’s tentacles are able to reach the most desolate of places and strangle the good sense outta the most innocent.

If we only had an equally strong presence of good, accurate information for the public.

The quest continues.


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