Role Clarification


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It’s rather amazing how many ‘laymen’ and non-health care folk still have NO IDEA what a nurse does. They still think all nurses are the same. And the concept of a Nurse Practitioner is just beyond comprehension to most.

We seemed to have failed miserably in educating the public.

I’m just as guilty of this crime. Before I became ill and needed a nurse – I was just as clueless. Until I started nursing school and on to my career I still didn’t grasp the limitless boundary of nurses. How important they truly are to the survival of the ill, but how they are never given the credit.

We can’t rely on the media, or Hollywood to educate. Their idea of a nurse involves sex, addictive tendencies, white uniforms and nothing but air between the ears.

It’s up to us. We need to approach self-promotion the same way we approach the care we give our patients.

Make those around you understand how vast your education and skill truly is. Simply answering a question with, "I’m just the nurse" is not good enough. It speaks volumes about what you think of yourself and your profession.

It’s our job to speak for our patients when they can’t speak for themselves.

Maybe it’s time we stared treating ourselves like we treat our patients?!

Start demanding the respect you deserve and have earned. Stand tall and be assertive about what you offer to the world of health care. We see the best and worst of what is happening in our current health care system.

We want equality, respect, dignity, and independence. Well then start acting like you deserve it!

I am a nurse.

Hear me roar.


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