What I've LeaRNed as a nurse

So do you want to know what all nurses have leaRNed?


Not just another nurse


I stumbled upon this amazing video from Facebook. A fellow nurse found it and shared it. I had to pass on the gift.

From the video’s info:

What I’ve LeaRNed is a nursing video that celebrates the wisdom of nurses, the strength and intelligence of nurses, the intensity of nurses and the grace and humor of nurses. It is about nurses, for nurses, by nurses and features nurses

This video was made at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, where the nurses will all tell you, "I am Not Just Another Nurse." Learn more about UAB Nursing Services at http://www.uabnursing.org.

I cannot begin to tell you how accurate and how ‘real’ this video depicts everything about nursing, for nursing and about every nurse out there.

Just awesome.

Simply awesome.

Thank you to the nurses at UAB, and thank you to all my colleagues out there for digging deep every day.


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