My Life Lately = Stressed Out Student = S.O.S.

Full-time Graduate Student

Master’s degree program

5 classes

I used to be in bed early every night. Nope. That’s over:



Image Source: SPcollege

I also use to be relatively stress free. Nope That’s over too:



Image Source: sodahead

It’s only the second week of classes???






2 thoughts on “My Life Lately = Stressed Out Student = S.O.S.

  1. I can relate to your pain, so I guess take comfort knowing that you’re not alone (?)…yeah, I hear that all the time and it never helps. It’s rough, but the end result is worth it. Whatever you have to do, hold onto the big picture because it will keep you going, especially during the really stressful times.

    1. Aneesa, thanks. It’s nice to know I’ll be visiting my insanity in good company. Just having ‘a moment’ trying to get my bearing on all the stuff I have to do.
      Thanks for your words!

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