How Bad Do You Want To Be A Nurse (Succeed)?

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I stumbled upon this awesome video about the desire to be successful.


Diesel Crew – Muscle Building, Athletic Development, Strength Training » Daily Inspiration – Never Quit, No Regrets

I thought this was a great ‘no fluff’ way of describing the key to success. It tells a wonderful ‘tale’. The video talks about:

Wanting to succeed as bad as you want to breathe

It’s about sacrifice. How BAD do you want it (success). Sacrificing those things you covet the most, giving those things up in order to work hard enough to gain the chance or the opportunity.

Sleep is for those people who are broke

How much is sleep worth to you? Is it worth more than your desire to succeed? Oh, and after you achieve your success, are you going to rest?

I remember when I made the decision to become a nurse. I made some sacrifices that definitely hurt my ego (back then).

  • I moved back in with my folks at the ripe age of 30
  • I borrowed money from my folks to pay for classes I needed
  • I worked a full-time job, while taking part-time classes, just to complete my pre-requisites for nursing school
  • My full-time job was 30 miles away from home and 40 miles away from school
  • I lost a lot of sleep studying

That was just to gain an interview. After the interview and decision process I waited an additional 9 months before nursing school started.

I worked full-time, stayed with my folks for the majority of my nursing education. I attended an accelerated program, so no breaks during the summer and I finished in 18 months.

I made more sacrifices while in school. While all my friends were enjoying the summer, I remember ‘boarding’ up my windows during a hot 4th of July weekend to study for a big exam that next week. That particular weekend sticks out the most, since it was tough to do. Oh yeah – I lost even more sleep while in nursing school.

When someone asks me how hard nursing school was, I always answer with a question, “How easy do you want it to be?”

Usually their answer tells me how much they really want to be a nurse (or how the idea of being a nurse might be interesting).

Nursing school was not easy. Being a nurse is not easy. And now being a Graduate student working towards my CRNP, nope, it’s not easy.

But nothing worthwhile ever was.

How bad do you want (success) it?


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