Continuing education

As nurses this is nothing new. We are always learning something new. I mean we were all delusional when we graduated from nursing school. We all thought (to some degree) that ‘whew’ – finally done learning. I got all the tools I need to function as a nurse.

Little did we know how SO-wrong we were. 5 years later – I’m still learning something new just about every day at work.

Now a days, it’s not just something we stumble upon. A lot of states (I’m not sure if all states are on board?) are requiring that nurses maintain a certain amount of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) during a specific rolling period. For nurses in my state of residence we have to maintain and complete 30 CEU hours every 2 years.

A lot of seasoned nurses are bucking this, and are vehemently against it. They don’t think continuing education is something nurses should be required to do? Now, this is not just the seasoned nurses, a lot of newer nurses are joining their ranks.

Read the rest over at Scrubs Magazine: Continuing nurse education

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