Safe Patient Care = Better (Safe) Staffing Ratios

It’s not about the money (although no nurse will argue about better pay)

It’s not about the Nursing staff (but we are getting tired and frustrated)

It’s not about our responsibilities (although we keep getting asked to do more with less)

It’s not about the facility (although each facility chooses what is appropriate – and differs with each facility)

It’s about the PATIENT



Caring for the patient isn’t just about the patient, it’s about their family, their friends, the didactic of their life and their experience. Nurses never treat an illness or problem – we treat the patient. This concept is why it’s never a simple and linear equation when discussing nurse-to-patient staffing ratios.

It boggles my mind that this argument and these strikes even have to happen. Safe patient care is paramount. I don’t care what the numbers say, I don’t care what the red-taped budget proves, and I don’t care what corporate committee member refuses to listen to the obvious. It’s all about the life and safety of the patient.

Try being the patient or patient’s of a nurse who is overwhelmed and unable to care for you properly and safely due to them running amuck keeping their head above water trying to provide the minimal basic nursing care to too many patients. Being responsible for too many patients per one nurse creates confusion, and questionable practices.

I think my problem with this whole concept is the individuals who are ‘deciding’ on what is the appropriate nurse-to-patient ration don’t even step foot on the clinical floor! And if they have in the past they sure have forgot what it’s like to balance our responsibilities.

(Holding my breath) God-forbid a patient’s condition worsen or decompensate and a nurse not recognize or address it simply because they weren’t present.

Put yourself in the patient’s shoes. Wouldn’t you want safe and proper care?

I want to thank a fellow blogger for sharing this video: Just Unbelievable « Awake on the Night Shift


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