How Can A Career Obligation Get You Arrested??!!

“We’re just in disbelief that you could be arrested for doing something you had been told your whole career was an obligation.”

Texas Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor –

This is just unbelievable. There is a lot more to this ‘small-town’ story that I’m anxious to hear. A nurse from a small community hospital reports a doctor for actions that warrant compromising patient safety and for practicing ‘bad medicine’.

Somehow the nurse was fired without explanation and is now standing trial on felony charges!?

What happened to do no harm?

What happened to advocating for the patient?

What happened?


3 thoughts on “How Can A Career Obligation Get You Arrested??!!

  1. PS- If you think your nursing union is going to help you, think again. The Minnesota Nurses Association rep was as useful to my buddy as a referee in a pro wrestling match… that is part of the reason I stopped giving money to MNA years ago.

  2. Sean, I have a very, very good friend of mine who the blew the whistle on an incompetent doctor years ago at St. Mary's hospital in Duluth, Minnesota. My friend not only got fired, but he pretty much got black balled from working in the the Duluth/Superior area. He actually drives almost 2 hours one way to work in the north Metro of the Twin Cities.Try to blow the whistle on an MD is not like giving evidence against a mob boss…but it can have serious, bad ramifications to your nursing career…and that is just not right.

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