I’m a Featured Blogger! It’s Official!

Or should I say I’m now a ‘House Blogger’.

I briefly mentioned it a while back when discussing my endeavors with school and blogging, etc. It’s official now. Heck it’s been official for a couple weeks now.


I am now a regular blogger for the new website Scrubs – The Nurse’s Guide to Good Living.

I must disclose that I am a ‘contracted’ blogger, therefore I do get paid for my contributions to this website and blog.

It’s an awesome consortium for the ‘Nurse Today’. It has a little bit of everything-you name it. It tackles all the things that we nurses come across. Anything you encounter: Career, Healthy Living, Beauty & Style (What to Wear), Relationships, and Life Outside of Work.

I originally came across the website over the summer by way of Twitter. Back then I was still in my ‘Wellness’ and ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ mode. I was contributing some stuff that tackled the topic of staying healthy and getting in shape for Nurses and our busy lifestyle. They ironically had a need/want for a male nurse… a male nurse blogger in fact! Well Gee? Guess what? I’m a nurse. I’m a male. And I blog??


So I will be a regular contributor to this new awesome site that has an infinite amount of potential to be THE HUB for nurses on the web. A great resource for the new and seasoned nurse as well as the new and seasoned blogger(who happens to blog). The longer you hang out in the blogosphere the more and more nurses you find that share your desires. It is truly amazing how many of us are out there.

I will be sharing my stuff I have posted here on my personal blog on the Scrubs website, and vice versa. I’m going to try and keep it fair, simple and of course interesting!

Here is my ‘spot’ on the website. I am of course listed as the ‘Male Nurse‘. And here is the link to my RSS Feed.

What do ya think?!!


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