Changing the Shift of the Blogosphere



OK. OK.. So it’s quite the play on words. But it gets the point across. I’m quite the ‘newbie’ on the blogosphere scene. I’ve only been contributing to the nursing blogosphere for just about a year now. In that year I have met a plethora of amazing and impressive people from all walks of life. Nursing as well as all avenues of the medical and health profession alike.

A fellow nurse blogger (med blogger) was kind enough to pass the word on and spread the wonderful news about Kim and her lil’ blog- Emergiblog. (For anyone that visits her blog.. It’s anything but little)

Kim is starting her 5th year, celebrating 4 great years on the blogosphere scene! This blog post is my way of celebrating her anniversary and saying ‘THANKS’!

Emergiblog is one of the ‘BIG’ blogs out there these days. It’s one of the most recognizable and well known nursing-medical blogs published today. It"s a nursing-themed blog, its content is created by a fellow nurse and the creator and blog do many-a-things to help promote health care and everything nursing!

In my opinion, Kim and her blog (Emergiblog) set the standard. I do my best to do my part, but Kim has made great strides and created great opportunities for all us nurse-blogging fools to follow.

She’s does her best to corral us up twice a month with her baby Change of Shift.


A kick-@ss blog carnival dedicated to nurses for nurses. This carnival spawns the interest for new and seasoned nurses who are interested in blogging. I can remember the first time I saw it. I thought this was the most awesome idea.

Unfortunately Change of Shift has been hitting a couple rough patches with a lag in submissions. (Sorry Kim, I’m guilty as charged)

Kim spreads the word past the nursing boundaries with constant contributions to Grand Rounds as well as being a contributing source for Dr. Val‘s wonderful website Better Health.

Kim always does her best to deliver a great message about nursing as well as educate us on Healthcare and all its current challenges. She recently been very active in spreading that knowledge.

Along the way we get some great rhetoric about those darn Notre Dame Irishman, NASCAR, and those ‘stinky’ Cleveland Browns. (Sorry Kim… Die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan here)

Keep up the great work Kim. I look forward to more years on the job as well as growing my blog and blogging skills with you along the way. I wanted to personally thank you for all that you’ve done. By the way… thanks for the blogroll link!

Thanks for helping light the match and spreading the fire!


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