The Nightshift And A Room Darkening Panel??


Room darkening panel??!!

When and where did this item crop up? Where was this when I was working straight night shift? Uh- where was this when I was flip-flopping from days and nights?

I have hope now.

On top of sticking the cardboard-like insulation into my windows, I have the option to use these new-fangled Room Darkening panels that are basically the frilly more eye-pleasing version of sticking towels over your windows to block out the sun. Something that is key to sleeping in the middle of the day when working the night shift.

Yes, yours truly would push-pin dark (preferably black in color) towels over his windows to give the false sense of ‘night’ when attempting mid-day sunshine sleep. Working nights, while the shift itself is a whole different animal, comes with the challenges of actually getting some rest and sleep when the rest of the world is awake, active, and living the life of all the normal human beings out there.

I still to this day applaud any and everyone who can do this shift as a living. You become so disconnected from society. I still don’t know how ya do it.

So here’s to better hope for me and my lack-there-of sleep during my rotating day-night shift with my new job in the coming months.

Oh by the way.. These were found at Wal-Mart last night.

Carpe Diem


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