Milk Of Amnesia

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OK folks let’s get something straight.

I know you’ve probably heard once or twice about Michael Jackson’s death and the involvement of the powerful sedative anesthesia drug Diprivan (Propofol). –Powerful sedative found in Michael Jackson’s home – Yahoo! News.

Here’s what’s disturbing and baffling.

This drug is not for home use. It delivered by intravenous infusion, you cannot take a Diprivan pill. It’s not for ANY use outside of the anesthesia or critical care medicine arena. It’s a potent, powerful and extremely dangerous drug used for light or heavy sedation that does cause amnesia, both Retrograde and Anterograde. Its use is extremely intricate, which requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and training. Using it involves greatly predictable effects and side effects which requires continuous vital sign monitoring.

I won’t describe all it’s avenue’s of use. I will however tell you what it’s not used for.

I’ll say this just once : IT IS NOT USED FOR INSOMNIA

The presence of this substance in ANYONE’S home, albeit a celebrity, speaks volumes of questionable action.

My sympathies for any and all who are involved in this horrible scene.

Carpe Diem


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