Does Anyone Have A Pen?

Continuing on with the spirit of Nurses Week, here is another favorite blog post of mine.


What is it with Nurses and their pens? LOL It’s amazing how a nurse is when it comes to their ‘favorite’ pen (or pens).

It’s like a full fledge wrestling match if you take their pen, or god forbid you forget to give them their pen back. The variety of favorites reaches beyond the depths of this blog, but in recent years drug reps have been known to be the best pen supplier.

I love the reaction you can get when you’re around a group of nurses and ask the question, ‘Does anyone have a Pen?’.

You usually get one of two reactions. Either you get pummeled by a sea of pens, or no one answers you (because they don’t want to share their pen and run the risk of losing it).

Ever had a nurse hover over you while you borrowed their pen? Like a rabid animal watching their dinner.

Be prepared to suffer the consequences of not having your own pen and needing to borrow one in the company of nurses.

Carpe Diem


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