How Is Sharing REALITY Going Too Far??

It’s no secret. For anyone who knows me, for anyone who has spoken with me, and for anyone who may have overheard me talking… I am 100% against smoking. (maybe 210%)

I have both personal and professional views on this subject, and each elicit the same response. What in the world is good/positive about smoking, and anything related to smoking?

Professionally I lost count on how many patients I have cared for that suffer from an endless list of horrible diseases that were the result of smoking.

Personally I have suffered great family loss at the hands of smoking’s effects on the human body.

I truly believe that knowledge IS your greatest asset and defense against a formidable opponent. So when ‘battling’ the world of ‘smoking’, you should know what the reality is. You should know what smoking does to you, to your health, to your family’s health, to the publics health. You should know everything there is to know about your actions, and the actions of others when you smoke.

No matter how gruesome.

No matter how visually and emotionally disturbing.

New Smoking Ads -Too Far or Not Far Enough? : Healthbolt –

Life is not a movie. Life cannot be lived through rose-colored glasses, no matter how much you try.

Life is tough. Reality has a harsh sense of humor. And REALITY always gets what it wants.

So when we the public is exposed to and shown the REALITY of smoking, why are some member of society upset and disturbed by what is REAL? Why are they not wanting to see the TRUTH?

Ignoring it doesn’t make it any less real.

Hiding it or not acknowledging it doesn’t change its cause and effect.

Shoving it in the corner or under the rug won’t stop it from happening.

Smoking’s and all the horrible reality that goes along with it is not something we advocates made up. We are simply sharing the information as it its.

Reality doesn’t care if you like it or not. It simply just IS.

Carp Diem

Original article and video courtesy of Healthbolt


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