Not Just an Anything…

“Are you the Doctor?”

“No. I’m just the Nurse.”

“I’m just a Nurse.”

Your ‘just an anything’ when ever you present yourself as JUST AN ANYTHING, be it a nurse or anything else. People perceive you as what you show them. Is there anything such as Just a Nurse or Just an HVAC&R technician. I know some people are just customers and others are people that we take care of; be it their health or their furnace. Was Da Vinci JUST a painter or was Einstein JUST a mathematician. Nursing may be your profession but you are way more than JUST A NURSE ———-

That was an email response by my father (who is an HVAC&R technician) when I told him about some of the blogosphere chatter about ‘just a nurse’.

Here are some of the recent blog posts concerning the statement ‘just a nurse’:



The Happy Hospitalist

And one of my own blog posts

Wise words, from a wise man.

Thanks Dad.

Carpe Diem


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