Looking For a Few Good Bloggers in Nursing

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Are you a blogger?

Are you involved in the career of nursing?

Then this is all about YOU!

BLOG = short for weB LOG. We have all started a blog for many reasons. Some did it for personal validation, others wanted to use it as a therapeutic tool, and the majority just wanted their voice to be heard.

Nursing bloggers do just that and more. We use our blogs to share, to educate, to inform, to vent frustrations, and if anything shed a little bit more light on what that darn word ‘nursing’ is all about.

We’re out there. Spread across the blogosphere in so many different forms. Our blogging is equally as diverse as our career. There is no simple or straight answer to nursing, and there is no simple or straight answer to blogging about nursing! That’s what is so great about our messages, we come from many walks of the nursing path!

So many sharing so much. Our numbers are vast, but a thin spread can be so ineffective at getting our messages out there. There is something said about the power of focused energy. Don’t you think centralizing and corralling our efforts would give our voices such an amazing amount of leverage and power? What if we could all congregate in one place of the blogosphere to share our words and echo our voices loud enough for all to hear?

Guess what?


It’s called a Blog Carnival.

Kim’s blog Emergiblog has such a thing called Change of Shift! It’s a blog carnival for nurses. A blog carnival for bloggers from all walks of life along the path of nursing.

It’s a simple yet effective way of sharing your voice. There is no right or wrong. Are you blogging about nursing? Then be sure to participate! It’s that simple.

Do you have a blog (or two, or three) post you’d like to share? Here’s what you do:

You can formally submit your blog post here: The official Blog Carnival website


You can email Kim over at Emergiblog directly : kmcallister-nine-one-one at yahoo.com (you can figure it out)

Here’s what’s great about a nursing blog carnival:

You get to share your voice and your blog content which means more traffic to YOUR blog

You get to meet and learn about other nursing bloggers

You have the chance to learn and grow with those who share your passion.

So stop on over to this weeks Change of Shift (CoS). And while you’re there look at the Change of Shift schedule. The next CoS is in two weeks and it will be hosted by Keith over at Digital Doorway.

Be sure to send Keith your blog submission!

Carpe Diem


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