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As a nurse my career path has been quite choppy at best. I have always been ‘searching’ for my niche.

I can remember as a student nurse I thought the medical-surgical arena would be my niche. I have a BS in exercise and sports science. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). Orthopedics were second nature to me at that point in my life.

I found out how much I didn’t like that type of nursing quickly. Most of my exposure was not fun, exciting, or interesting to me.

I found a fondness with Critical Care. I ‘fit-in’ there quickly. I loved the rollercoaster fast pace, as well as the ‘mechanical’ aspect of that type of nursing. (To this day, I still love all the cool machines and gadgets)

Over the past 3 years I have been in the Critical Care arena, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I assumed this was the type of nursing I would always do ‘to some degree’. Whether it be in the ICU, specialty ICU (cardiac, trauma, etc), PACU, or ED.

I have always kept my options open. Never closing any doors. I still have thoughts (aspirations) of going back to get my BSN, or maybe even MSN.

I’ve thrown around the idea of Anesthesia quite a bit.

But, I can’t say I ever thought outside of that proverbial career box.

My life before healthcare has helped me greatly. Working in retail was miserable while I was there, but in hindsight it taught me so much about myself, about people, about communication, and mostly about leadership.

I spent a handful of years functioning as a manager in the retail world. At one point this responsibility included hundreds of employees.

It seems that my life has come full circle. I am now at a crossroads. That wonderful mister opportunity is knocking on my door.

Sometimes the gravity of a situation makes the decision that much more difficult to make.

Opportunity is funny like that.

Do you open the door and step through? Or do you ignore the knock?

Here’s where I wish I had that ‘see-the-future’ special power.

Wish me luck.

Carpe Diem


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