Stay in the Middle

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Continuing on with my theme of blog posts for all my fellow bloggers who are new nurses.

There are two types of new nurses. And they are two very different extremes.

The I-Know-It-All

These nurses can either be green behind the ears or actually have experience under their belts. They believe they have been taught all they need to know.As a new nurse, they feel their schooling created the expert nurse they believe themselves to be now.The experienced nurse will cite and refer to their previous hospital or setting, and that they were taught all they need to know there.This type of nurse does not accept criticism. They get offended by any sort of suggestions, and will laugh or chuckle anytime you try to help them out. As if we are wasting their time. For some reason they feel they can never do anything wrong.

The I-Don’t-Know Anything

These nurses have stage fright to the Nth degree. Once again they can be a green behind the ears GN or a seasoned nurse. Somewhere along the line they lost their confidence in their skills, which lead to utilizing their skills less, to not being able to perform their skills. The skills can range from the complex to the simple. These nurses want feedback and need reassurance , but get easily offended and have a thin outer shell. Any type of criticism is interpreted as a personal blow or a demeanor to them as a person, not just as a nurse. For some reason they feel they can never do anything right.

As a new nurse I would encourage and plea with you to be neither one of these two while at the same time being both of them (Yes that was double talk)

What I mean is to emulate all their good characteristics, while eliminating all the bad.

Stay right in the middle. Stay balanced.

  • Have confidence in your abilities as a nurse, no matter how much or how little experience you may possess. You got this far on purpose. Nobody did it for you. You earned your spot, now be sure to maintain and grow.
  • Know that you will NEVER know everything. As a nurse you will learn something new everyday, and yes their will always be something that crosses your path that will make you say WTF?
  • Be sure to know the difference between confidence and arrogance. There are ‘strong’ nurses and then there are ‘strong- minded’ nurses (we have other colorful definitions we use to describe them) Winking
  • It’s OK to forget, it’s OK to make a mistake, and it’s OK to need more time than others to complete something. That’s why it’s called practice. The more you do it, the better it gets. For you, for your colleagues, and of course for the patient. The key here being, to correct the mistake so that you don’t do it again.

Nursing is a learning process. You will learn more about yourself, your skill and your profession each day that passes.

Remember how much you didn’t know in the beginning? Just imagine how much more you’ll know tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Stay in the Middle

  1. As a nurse about to graduate who still wishes she had yet more experience with certain skills, thank you for this. I appreciate it.

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