Just a Nurse

Serendipity can be funny. It rears it’s beautiful face at the most surprising of times.

I was on Twitter today (big surprise). One of my Tweets I follow, Robert Fraser (@rdfraser) is a fellow nurse who is making every attempt to change the face of nursing in the most positive manner (and so far he’s doing a damn fine job).

Today he shared a video through one of his tweets on Twitter that touched on my FAVORITE subject : Nursing Stereotypes!

It’s a tad bit long (over 10minutes), but worth watching. I have touched on this subject many times in my blogging. How ironic that the today my guest post on nursing stereotypes was published as well.

Today was a good day for my world of nursing.

Please, if you have the time, watch the short video clip on how we are never ‘just a nurse’.

Thanks again Robert!

Carpe Diem


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