Sigh of Relief

I hate lovin’ my job. (yeah you read that right)

I love my job. In fact I brag about what I do, and where I work to fellow colleagues, friends and family.

I work as a Senior Staff Nurse on a 22 bed Level 1 Surgical / Trauma ICU. (Yeah, it get’s a lil busy where I work) We treat and see just about everything under the sun. Everything Surgical you can think of post-operatively.. Ex-Lap, Cholecystectomy’s, Tracheostomy’s, Post Heart Cath, Esophagectomy’s, Carotid Endartectomy’s, etc. The list goes on. On top of the Surgical portion we have the Trauma portion of my job. You name it we take it. Traumatic Brain Injury, Gunshot, MVA, MCA, etc. And there is just an innumerable number of injuries that can and do happen with Trauma. Orthopedic, Spine, Vascular, Plastics, Neuro, Neuro-spine, Ortho-spine, etc, etc.

The only thing we don’t treat directly.. is a fresh post-op open heart surgery, fresh post-op transplant surgery’s (which include the IABP and ECMO).

We do bedside surgical procedures that most hospitals and facilities would take to the Operating Room.

The list goes on. As a nurse we have an amazing amount of autonomy, the physician-nurse relationship is above par.


So here’s why I hate lovin’ my job.

My job is 70 miles away in one direction. Yeah. I have to spend close to an hour and half one way in my car now due to the congested construction traffic in the city.

So my 12hr shift translates into a minimum 18hr day. AND that is dependent upon me getting out on time for my shift. (we all know how often that happens) Now think about if I have to work 2 days back to back. 2 12hr shifts = 2 18hr days, therefore I’m left with MAYBE 6 hrs of time outside of my drive and my work.

As you can see the drive alone is quite a burden. I have been doing that drive and working at my job for 2 yrs now. At first, just the midnight shift would be the problem. I would get too tired on the drive home, so I would have to pull over to take a nap, just to get home safely. Eventually that nap became a standard with my nightshifts. Well now I’m nodding off during the day shift drives. In fact I nodded off so bad on two separate occasions that I started ‘brail’ driving. (Yeah, y’know waking up to the sound of the rumble strips on the side of the road under your tires)

I was willing and able to look over just about everything to keep up my job, until my personal safety came into question.

So after a long sought summer. I found and accepted a job closer to home. Luckily I get to stay with the same Hospital System. I’m simply moving to a different campus. A campus that is 3.3 miles away from home! So with this new job, I can walk faster to work than driving to my old job!!!

It unfortunately will not be a comparable job position to the one I currently have. I don’t live in the city, I live in the smaller community area. So I’m transferring from the big rural city hospital of 13 floors and 8 wings per floor to a 3 floor small community hospital. Heh heh.

I’m transferring from the ICU setting to the PACU (recovery room).

So a huge adjustment, but a very big sigh of relief.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I start in 2 weeks!

Carpe Diem

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5 thoughts on “Sigh of Relief

  1. Good luck with your change – what with the price of gas nowadays… a 3.3 mile drive sounds awfully nice.

  2. Good luck with your change – what with the price of gas nowadays… a 3.3 mile drive sounds awfully nice.

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