Welcome My Fellow Nurses

A special thank you to Beth over at PixelRN. She rounded up all the meditweeters on twitter this past week. She’s the reason I got motivated to create and/or give my blog a facelift. I missed blogging about nursing, and all it’s trials and tribulations. I think my new blog will be a goo mesh. Just gonna take some time I think. I of course migrated all my other posts from To Be A Strong One, just for posterity.

I’d like some input from my fellow nurse tweeps on my new blog. Any and all suggestions are invited. I plan on making my new home nursing focused with a dash of sports medicine and fitness all rolled into one. Ergo the reason for the name of my site.


I’m lovin the nurse twitter chatter. I find myself tweeting way more often now due to the conglomeration.

Uhm, I still hate the night shift. My body is achy and tired. Over the past 2 days I think I amassed about 4hrs of sleep total. So my body is punishing me for not providing adequate rest.

I think someone should start a poll on what we could/should refer to ourselves on twitter? As in the medical personnel, or the nurses on twitter. I can’t come up with a catchy short name. I need some help. ( I still like tweeturses.. or twiturses..LOL)

If you’re reading this, I sent you the link here for some input and suggestions. How do you think I should roll out the conversion from To Be A Strong One? I want to try and keep all the great readers I have, but they are definitely not nurses. Mostly fitness enthusiasts and wellness advocates mixed in with some metaphysical deep thinkers. I truly think my blog posts won’t change too much, although I will be blogging more about my nursing adventures of course.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Carpe Diem

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