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Change of Shift (blog carnival) | Volume 6 Episode 4 December 2015


Welcome to the Change of Shift (blog carnival). The last edition before we take on the new year.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Change of Shift is (or was) or are not familiar with a Blog Carnival please check out the following link:

The (revived) Change of Shift: Nursing blog carnival

The reborn Change of Shift includes posts beyond just the blog article. Find a comfy seat, put on your reading glasses and sit back and relax. Welcome to the Change of Shift V6 E4.

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Nurses- passing off the bubonic plague as allergies since the 1960’s

Our good friend over at Florence is Dead share these words:
“My intuition tells me that there would be outrage and support if the general public knew nurses took care of them while sick, because we are not allowed sick days. “
The age-old concept of how Nurses never call off work, unless they’re sort-of dying.

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Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 127

It’s pop-quiz time from over at LITFL, with this question:
“What parenteral drug commonly used in Emergency Medicine practice is known to generate green urine?”
Check out the remainder of the Q & A.

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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Of course last month we celebrated National Nurse Practitioner Week, so I had to include this one!

“According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), there are over 200,000 of us currently licensed in the US alone. Approx 2/3 of Americans have seen a NP for their primary care and patients make over 916,000 visits to NPs annually.”

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Top Certifications for New Grad Nurses
From our good friend Nurse Beth. She gives some sound advice and great suggestions for entry-level new nurse certifications. Ironically I acquired the majority if them in my early years as a Nurse.

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Of course we can’t for g et our friends over at GomerBlog. We have two submissions:
As Americans Get Fatter, Nursing Recruits more Football Players and Weightlifters
A fun approach to the laborious physical work we do every day:
“offering a $5000 finder’s fee to anyone who refers someone who can benchpress more than 300 pounds and start an IV line.”

And then this one:

Adele’s “Hello” Parody for Nursing Students and Nurses



This is an oldie but a goodie from whatweshouldcallnursing:


One last reminder to all the NP’s out there:


Another blog carnival comes to a close my friends.

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Have a safe and happy holiday season. Until next month… have fun out there!

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Our Podcast has made the coveted ‘New & Noteworthy’ on iTunes!


5 weeks after starting this Podcast, we made it onto the iTunes New & Noteworthy!

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in, downloaded and listened to our Podcast. We’re still in our infancy, so I hope you’ll stick around.

If you’ve heard our Podcast, and like what you’ve heard would you mind telling someone?

And if you haven’t heard our Podcast just yet, follow the links below to download and listen.

Maybe you could listen to us on your work commute?



Does everyone like you… ?


If everyone likes you, you must be doing something wrong. Or so the saying goes.

I posted this on my Facebook Fan Page recently:

Boy oh boy. What a polarizing response. I mean the haters came outta the woodwork on this one.

After a handful of hater comments and hater messages I decided to make a video response:

It’s all in fun. It was for a good laugh. And for the most part, everyone got it. But some didn’t.  [oopsies]

According to many sources, you’re not doing your job if everyone agrees or if everyone likes you. The greatest managers won’t please everyone.

I remember reading somewhere.. something about pleasing everyone means you’re not making a stance, but simply  being a pushover. That you have to pick a side eventually. Walking down the middle of the road will eventually get you hit.

Sure, we’re talking social media habits and hilarity.. but you get my point.

Apparently I’m doing something right.


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Playing nice in the sandbox… Team building skills. Even a child can do it.


Sometimes we forget the lesson. But we all learned team building skills as a child.

We all entered the sandbox as the new kid (at some point in our childhood). We jumped in, excited and motivated. Ready to run, ready to explore, ready to put our footprints in the sand.

Then we realized this sandbox wasn’t like the last sandbox you played in. Probably a bit bigger. Sand felt a lil different under your feet. And there were all sorts of strange kids.

While some of your new friends invited you to play with them, some turned their heads. Some looked at you funny. And others pushed you out of their ‘spot’ in the sandbox. You tried your best to hang out with the kids that liked you but they weren’t there every day. Some days you were all alone.

Then there were the bullies.

The sand-kickers were easy to deal with. You just avoided them. Stay outta their spot and they left you alone. Some kicked really hard, while others just teased you. But they were easy to handle. If you didn’t give them the fight they were looking for, they usually left you alone. They didn’t have time to make sandcastles.. they were busy scaring everyone.

Then there were two-facers… now they were tough to get around. They were nice to your face, gave you the idea they liked you and wanted to be your very-best friend. They would even lead you over to a ‘new’ spot in the sand. They’d tell you how awesome this spot is, and tell you it’s a great spot to make new friends. And at first that sand was different… It was cool under your feet. Heck, sometimes the sand was on a hill so you could look down on everyone else. It was down right nifty. And you’d think.. this is the BEST sandbox ever.

But somehow that special spot always ended up being full of stinky wet stuff. Not sure why, but it eventually would smell funny. But it only smelled funny after the two-facer was gone? That smelly stuff was the worse. I mean at least when the sand-kickers were near you, you saw it coming. The two-facers would play tricks on you. Make you feel welcome and then the next thing you know you’re all icky-sticky. That really cool sand initially made a really pretty and really big sandcastle, the stuff dreams were made of…. but the smelly stuff would make the sandcastle eventually fall apart. So you’d be left with nothing to show after all your hard work.

Those two-facers.. they were NOT nice.

Worse yet, you saw them be fake-friends with other new kids (like they were with you), you’d wanna say something but you figured it was best to keep quiet. It just made you so angry.

Now you could go on being angry. Pitch a fit… scream, kick and cry to get attention from the other kids and parents. Claim they were being mean to you. But somehow you always ended up being alone? What did I do wrong.. they were mean to me???!!!

Here you are, in a brand new sandbox, all sorts of fun to be had… yet you were all alone.

How do they other kids do it? I mean they’re over there having loads of fun. Laughing, running, jumping and getting all sorts of fun-dirty with sand behind their ears! I mean that’s what being in the sandbox is all about! Getting dirty and playing with friends, right?

Sure there were groups playing at separate ends of the box. Some toys were claimed in certain spots in the box. Some kids got the good toys. Some kids were selfish and didn’t really share.

But MOST of the kids looked pretty cool. They didn’t really care what the other kids thought of them. Snot bubbles running out of their noses. Droopy drawers, dirty hands and really cool sand castles everywhere! That’s where the ticket was. Hanging out with those kids. They were from all different areas of the sandbox. They all looked different. They all acted a little different. Heck they even sounded different…but they had the BEST time.

They’d show up, jump in the sandbox and just start playing. One by one.. they’d add their own lil piece of brick and mortar onto the ever-growing sandcastle that was being made. Nobody know who started the sandcastle, but it was really cool and they wanted to be a part of it.

No smelly sand. No special area of the sandbox.. and certainly no need for special toys. They used whatever was in front of them. By the end of playtime…

they had THE COOLEST sand castles.

What was their secret?

They simply just wanted to enjoy the sand.

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Even a shift from hell isn’t all that bad…


The worst shift from hell is still not the hell our Veterans have or soon will endure.

Today was one of those days at work. I mean one of THOSE days.

Some phrases spoken during my shift:

“sicker than shit”

“sick as snot”

“circling the drain”

“what thah?”

“you can’t be serious”

“can’t I just go pee?!”

“did anyone eat today”

“I swear… I was gone 3 MINUTES”

“wait.. you were working today? I haven’t seen you all day”

“what time is it. No really”

“do we even have a blood pressure?”

“I think we’re missing a zero on that readout”

“did you say POINT-9 (0.9), NOT 9 (9.0)?”

Lives were lost. Lives were saved. But I didn’t have to worry about my freedom. I didn’t have to worry about my safety. I got to live the dream today. Work a job I love, with people I love to work with in a place I love.

All of this is possible because brave souls put their lives on the line every single day to protect my freedom.

Thanks to countless Veteran’s and their sacrifices I got to complain today about how tired I am. I got to complain about not having the time to pee. I got to listen to my belly grumble a tad bit longer today.

All because I was busy doing my job.

All of which is minuscule compared to the hardship, heartache and heart strain my fellow Veterans have endured.

I hope you thanked a Veteran today.


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Change of Shift (blog carnival) | Volume 6 Episode 3 November 2015


Welcome to the Change of Shift (blog carnival). Sorry for my tardiness, this Episode is a few days late. I was in Vegas (no seriously I WAS in Las Vegas for a Nursing Conference).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Change of Shift is (or was) or are not familiar with a Blog Carnival please check out the following link:

The (revived) Change of Shift: Nursing blog carnival

The reborn Change of Shift includes posts beyond just the blog article. Find a comfy seat, put on your reading glasses and sit back and relax. Welcome to the Change of Shift V6 E3.


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How Do I Become a Nurse Practitioner?

From our friend, and fellow NP, Dr. Rachel Silva over at Accessible Healthcare Institute. She shares her a bit of her personal story on becoming a Nurse Practitioner and then dives into specific steps you can take to become one!


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What They Don’t Tell You About Nursing School

From over at ‘Nurse To Meet You’.

However, there are parts of nursing school that no one tells you about that I have very abruptly discovered

Theses were quite good.

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Nurse Bullies at Work: A True Story

From our good friend Nurse Beth over at Nurse Code. Nurse bullies come in all shapes and sizes and are in every aspect of your job, even your boss. Don’t just do nothing.


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Who’s afraid of the ICU? 

I found this article over at, written by a blogger named Trissity.

I would leave every morning after a long and stressful shift in tears. I wasn’t good enough, or smart enough, or fast enough for this job. Doubt started creeping in about my life as a Med/Surg RN, and I begun to fear that maybe I wasn’t even as good at that job as I so arrogantly believed. There were many days during my orientation that I had to talk myself out of quitting. How could I be trusted with patients’ lives?

Talks about the progression a nurse makes from naive arrogance to experienced confidence.


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Should Nurses Participate in M&M?

Should nurses have an M&M (Morbidity & Mortality)? A conference traditionally intended for our Physician partners that involves peer reviews involving patient deaths to help identify and hopefully improve the quality of care that is given to patients.

I for one work in a facility where this conference is offered to the Nursing department and support it 100%


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Your ‘reason’ matters as a nursing student

A great article from blogger and nursing student, Kristen Ponticelli. What was your reason for entering nursing school? Your reason for choosing the profession of Nursing?


The Change of Shift – Where Nursing Meets the Internet

Yes, a shameless plug here. Megan has accepted our invitation as a guest on our Podcast, stay tuned!!!


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Final Connection: An ICU Nurse Revises Her Feelings About Cell Phones

You’ll never view a Cell Phone the same again. You might even go so far as to make sure you’re cell phone is always on your person. Trust me.

I recently had an almost exact experience with a patient.


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Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update Interview and Episode 367

Jamie shares the new updates from the AHA concerning ECC and CPR guidelines. Take a look!


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.58.42 PMEHR State of Mind

ZDogg at it again. Think … Alicia Keys and Jay Z.


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Fitbit Releases Sh*tbit, The Revolutionary New Bowel Movement Tracker

Yes, it’s exactly what is sounds like. Just go read this one (snickering silently). The authors over at Gomer Blog never disappoint.

Who’s ever used Voice Care to give/get report or sign out?

Thank you again to the author of the Tumblr #whatshouldwecallnursing



Well, that’s all she wrote gang!

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I’ll be posting this blog carnival here as well as over at The Change of Shift. I’ll probably post it in both places for the next couple months until everything is up and running with my new website before this blog carnival finds its new home over there.

Until next month… have fun out there!


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